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Rustic Home Decor

Summer Fun

Jul 02, 2018

The summer is a time for gatherings. You have family barbecues, picnics, go camping and spend most your time outdoors. Along with these get-togethers, come the added decorations of table clothes, umbrellas, matching paper plates and napkins. Some people hardly put any thought or real effort behind these items. While others, take them very seriously... down to the color of cake & balloons at a birthday event. This is the type of person who is likely to also take their home decorating very seriously. They stare at that picture on the wall for 5-15 mins after hanging it just to make sure it is perfectly level. They rearrange the furniture in each room of the house on a monthly or bi-monthly basis just to find the perfect setup. They have a keen sense of detail and tend to be a bit "OCD" which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. These people are very organized and they take the time to strategize everything.

What type of person are you when it comes to home decorating or family outings? Are you the one who goes with the flow, mixing different colors and seeing how they flow together? The person who picks the white paper plates, bowls and cups over the colored options. Your home will reflect this natural impulse behavior to simply collect objects that might not have any relation, but simply exist as a check in the box. Got a recliner... check, got a kitchen table... check.  

This Summer, take the time inside and out to really make your environment reflect your personal style. This will not only make it feel more like home but also more welcoming to all your guests. Simple touches can go a long way. Instead of picking out that boring solid red umbrella, how about you choose the one that is striped with turquoise, brown and orange. Next time your in the paper towel isle at your local grocery store, go for the pretty patterned paper plates and napkins. You just might find that along with that warm summer sun your new surrounding colors help your feel more energetic and happy. And that my friends, is what life is all about!

picnic decorations red, white & blue

Now go eat some more watermelon and catch them fire flies... while watching those Gorgeous Red, White & Blue Fireworks light up the whole sky!! 

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!! 💥💣💥


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