What Inspires us to be Rustic...

We know how being from the Country is a Life Style. It becomes part of your Spirit. We wanted to bring the feeling of HOME no matter where you are. Being Veteran Owned, gave us the first hand knowledge of how important home life and family are. We invite you to decorate from the soul with our Fine Crafted, Quality made products. Make Home, Sweet Home by getting back to your Rustic Roots. Thank you for allowing Rustic Territory to be part of this wonderful journey.

Meet the Owner, Emily Stricklin. She spent 10 years serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Supply & Logistics Clerk. She grew up the ranks to Sergeant and eventually gained the title of Warehouse Chief. She personally managed and supervised Government accounts up to $3.5 million in gear. Gaining massive experience on how to run a business, manage employees and inventory. After she left the military, she then dived deeper into logistics to become a truck driver. All while starting this business and growing it into what it has become today. She has personally touched each part of the logistics chain to ensure a smooth and seamless process for her customers.

“As a child, I would constantly be dragged into all the old vintage and antique shops with my mother. She loved it and eventually I learned to as well. It was like hunting for a needle in the haystack. You never knew what you would find. Each individual artifact had a story to tell. I was always huge into History in school, so learning the purpose of each item was intriguing to me. But all these shops were so spread out and sometimes we would have to drive two or three towns over just to browse them. So after I got home from serving in the military, I wanted to bring that fun antique style shopping to everyone. Using the internet, I created the brand Rustic Territory. All our products are sourced from suppliers here in the USA. That was really important to me being a Veteran. Now I have created a way for everyone to browse antique and rustic style home goods from the comfort of their homes. No gas required. And the best part is you don’t even have to get dressed up, just shop in your PJ’s.”  😆

-Emily Stricklin, (Owner & CEO of Rustic Territory, LLC.)

We pride ourselves in our Incredible Customer Service. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. We want to hear about it! We love Good Reviews, who doesn’t? But we strive to make anything an opportunity to improve and give you, Our Valued Customer a better experience. The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. Welcome to the Rustic Territory Family!!! 


Rustic Territory
3000 S. Hulen Street, STE 124 #1042
Fort Worth, TX. 76109
    Established: December 22, 2017.