Who wants to do house chores when it is hot outside, all you can think about is "where is the water, how do I get near & in it?" Well your not the only one around the house who feels like this, your plants DREAM of Water too!! If you are one of the many who are experiencing a summer drought, do your poor parched plants a favor and water them at least one time each week.

dead roses inside vase

I know, I know... your thinking but it's such a hassle, I don't have time or I always forget because of my busy life. Yes life is busy, with work, school, minons and then you come home to house chores. I admit nobody wants to do laundry, dishes, mow the yard or work on the fence when you could be doing something more exciting.

We all want to go out and "play," well the good news is you can! They make these things called sprinklers... LOL. All you have to do is hook them to the end of your water hose, get off the couch and go turn on the water for 10-15 minutes. Who knows, that may give you the time you've been looking for to just sit and watch the sun set for once. Sometimes we all need to have that slow down moment to capture our thoughts and give us a breathe of fresh air. Something about a Gorgeous Sunset always lets us know, it's all going to be alright. 

Maybe your the type who says whats the big deal, I can always buy more. Well that is true, but quite honestly it is not only an economic waste of funds but also a waste of your time. We all know that time is the most valuable resource. Once it's gone, you simply can't get it back. Sort of like your plants! Your then left in a cycle of Buy.. Let Die.. Buy again. Each time this includes digging up the old roots, seeding or bedding the new plants. Then adding fertilizers, in-riched soils and probably mulch or pine needle (popular in the South). Oh yeah and WATER!! All of these are added expenses each go round of course. Not to mention the labor that goes into replanting them all. If you have a whole garden, your really going to be hurting the next day. All of which could of been easily avoided by simply adding water on a frequent basis. 

If all else fails and you decide you simply can't water your flowers, or invest in timed sprinklers.. but you love the Beauty they bring... Get FAKE flowers!! 😁 P.S. soaker hoses work wonders. And if you purchase perennials instead on just annuals, which are flowers that once rooted correctly will come back year after year. They may not be as cheap in the beginning but they more than make up for that in the end. flowers blossoming in fresh mulch

The moral behind the story is we all need water.. humans, pets and plants. Make your watering less of a chore and your plants something you enjoy more. Make it part of a routine, turn on that hose and take in those Sun rays. Pretty soon you will have plenty of beautiful blossoms to show your hard work. 

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