Like previously explained in one of our Instagram posts, we describe our Company Slogan & the meaning behind it. When you first land on our website, you will notice up top it reads: "Decorate like the Rolling Seeds of a Tumbleweed."

Our meaning behind this is simple & straight forward. In case you don't know anything about Tumbleweed's... They can only grow in harsh climates such as the Desert. They need very little water to blossom & grow. Once fall rolls around, like most plants... They shrivel up and die. But that's when their journey really begins, after their root fully dies it is easily broken off by the wind. Then the Tumbleweed is Free to Toss & Roll across the Desert. This is where the Tumbleweed gets it's name, because it is simply a weed that tumbles. That is where the magic happens, unlike most stationary plants who use the help of birds to pollinate and spread their seeds. The Tumbleweed spreads it's own, with each bounce the Tumbleweed disperses several seeds across the Desert ground. Leaving them to await just a few small drops of water and restart their own cycle. 

So when we say to Decorate like the Rolling Seeds of a Tumbleweed.. We are reminding you that each piece of Rustic Home Decor you add to your Country home, you are also sprinkling your seeds. Your very own unique style is being Beautifully spread all across your home. And although you may not blow with the wind, a small gust of motivation goes a very long way! So keep up the good work & spread those Rustic Seeds!!!


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  • Shirley Henion

    A friend brought me huge tumbleweed from Kansas farm. I sprayed it with clear glitter & used in house for Christmas. Gorgeous work of art. Lasted long time before I needed to let it keep on tumbling!

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