7 Ranch Home Décor Ideas to Try This Winter
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7 Ranch Home Décor Ideas to Try This Winter

Nov 05, 2021

Have you been considering renovating your home? You are not alone. US homeowners are spending more on renovating their homes than ever.

One of the best places to start with changing your home space is with the decor. And no better makeover than ranch home décor.

With winter arriving, now is the time to update your home. In many locations, winter nights get darker and colder, so you will likely be spending more time inside. And when a season ends, it also marks the end of a cycle; so out with the old, in with the new.  

Mismatched decor styles can create clutter and stress in your home. Instead, focus on a specific decor style, such as ranch-style decor. Read on for all you need to know about ranch décor and seven ideas for winter renovations. 

What Is Ranch Home Décor? 

Ranch-style homes are continuing to grow in popularity, now being one of the most popular home styles. Ranch homes have been around for many years, so the style is timeless. But what can you do if you do not have a ranch-style home?

The good news is it is easy to incorporate ranch-style decor into your home, regardless of whether you own a ranch or you have a different home exterior. You can create whatever interior you want in your home with the right accessories. 

Ranch home décor can vary in characteristics and style. However, there are some common features. Décor usually celebrates different materials, with weathered finishes and a vintage touch. The goal of a ranch-style home is to be comfortable, charming, and calming. 

Types of Ranch Style Décor

The excellent news about ranch-style décor is that there are various styles. For example, you can pick a rustic ranch décor style. This is usually focused on traditional farmhouse elements, such as warmth, natural materials, and metal accents. 

However, you could also focus on ranch house western décor or more of a modern touch. Or you can mix styles to create your own ranch-style home. There is something for everyone when it comes to ranch home décor. 

If you are unsure what ranch-style home you would like, check out these seven décor ideas to get started, as they will help inspire your renovations.  

1. Incorporate Metals

Metal does not only look great, but it also offers durable and affordable décor options for the home. It adds texture and dimension to your space. Plus, it is often recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for your home. 

Metal is a popular feature of ranch house décor, as it looks rustic, natural, and helps mix materials. It also breaks up neutral tones, which many ranch-style homes use. Iron, copper, and brass all fit in well with ranch interior design. 

So, how do you incorporate metal into your home style? A good place to start is the kitchen. Pick metal utensils and other kitchen accessories, such as this metal cupcake stand.

You can see how accessories such as the metal cupcake stand add the perfect touch to your room. Metal rustic ranch décor also maintains a sense of warmth. 

Alternatively, consider adding metal to your bathroom. Check out this country bath caddy for inspiration. Metal décor offers practical and natural solutions for your bathroom space. 

2. Pick Earthy Elements

A lot of ranch décor celebrates the Earth and ranching's roots. Picture expansive natural spaces and farming. And it helps you connect with nature, even if you live in a big city. 

So, what is better than incorporating this into your ranch-style home? Ranch décor includes different earthy elements to bring the natural world inside your home. 

Pick natural materials, such as stone and wood pieces. Also, pick pieces that honor the farming roots of ranch-style homes. A perfect example is this large piggy bowl, which has a natural look. 

3. Warmth

For rustic home décor, focus on warm colors. You will be able to embrace the coziness of hygge and all that it encompasses. Choose pieces that bring a sense of comfort and familiarity.

A great place to start is your lighting. Not everyone can install a fireplace, but an easy and effective way is to use warmers in different spaces of your home.

Also, consider candles. Candles can immediately change the atmosphere of a room. They add to the ambiance of a space, bring in different fragrances, and can improve the atmosphere.

Consider candles that have Earth fragrances, such as pine. You can also pick different shape candles and use mason jar candles to add to the rustic ranch style. Check out these candles for inspiration. 

Candles also help focus, improve sleep, and can even invoke memories! So they are the perfect addition to your ranch-style home. 

4. Find Statement Ranch Wall Décor 

Do not forget about your walls when it comes to ranch home décor. There are many statement pieces you can buy. For example, you could add vintage signs to your home, which are charming, honor farm life, and help express your personality.

You can also find practical ranch wall décor, such as this crate wall shelf. The crate wall shelf is the perfect example of a statement ranch piece, because it stylishly incorporates ranch life and practicality. You can also change what you display on it during each season, including some festive features during wintertime. 

There are plenty of wall décor options to suit your preferences. Check out this farmhouse clock as an example. You can also consider other practical options, such as chalkboards and wooden photo frames. 

5. Mix Styles 

Another part of ranch home décor is to mix materials and details. You do not have to stick to a specific color aesthetic or match the decor. It is the perfect home style to include all your favorite items without pressure to fit a particular pattern or color. 

The result is a homely feel, which makes visitors feel immediately welcome. You will also be happy as all will like all your décor and find uses for them. After all, you do not want to waste money on pieces you do not like!

For example, you can add some statement metal signs, colorful patterns, and natural wooden items to your living space. 

6. Bring the Outside In

Especially for people who are in urban environments, farm life can feel like a distant dream. You might not be able to access the outdoors easily. But you can achieve the perfect balance of city life and nature by bringing the outdoors in.

Be sure to add lots of plants and flowers inside your home. Try to pick seasonal options for winter so they last through the darker and colder days. You can also use fake flowers for added sunshine, no matter what the season.

Use mason jars for vases. Or consider statement plant and flower holders that perfectly encapsulate rustic ranch decor. If flowers and plants are not for you, pick floral patterns to bring the outdoors in. 

7. Pay Attention to the Outdoors

If you do have an outdoor space, you can embrace ranch life with different exterior accessories. It is also nice to keep consistent with your style, so if you want ranch-style decor indoors, start with the outdoors. You will set the tone for the rest of your home. 

An easy place to start is to add fairy lights, candles, and another warm outdoor lighting. You can even create a party space or your own mini barn with a gazebo! It can be a cozy festive feature for winter. 

You can also find some beautiful planters, such as this tractor. It has an antique design and is one of the key features of an actual ranch, but on a small scale to fit into anyone's space. 

You can use metal buckets, plant hangers, or animal plant pots. They are fantastic statement pieces that also allow you to add to your garden, even if you do not have grass or areas to plant. You can place plants around entrances, doors, balconies, patios, and decking. 

You can embrace nature with your ranch-style decor outdoors. Pick animal statues and valuable animal items, such as bird feeders.

The Best Rustic Ranch Décor  

There are many ways to add ranch home décor to your winter home makeover. These ideas are a great starting point to give you some inspiration. However, you will also create your unique ranch-style home with your personal touches.

Not all ranch home decor is the same quality or captures the ranch-style effectively. You want to find the right ranch décor shop that offers quality pieces built to last. 

We have plenty of ranch house décor options at Rustic Territory. Whether you want to fill your home with rustic ranch décor or purchase a few statement pieces, we have something for you. You can order our catalog for our entire collection or browse our online shop to get started! 


Also, if you need any help decorating your home you should check out this Farmhouse Resource! It will make all the difference.

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