Farmhouse Decor for Urban Homes

     Everyone loves a good farmhouse style house, popular in the 1900's. It has yet again made a comeback, this time in a grand, more sophisticated fashion. The Farmhouse style is essentially simple, rustic, and heart-warming. Farmhouse decor is the best way to connect to the countryside in your urban home. Listed below are a few of the best farmhouse style upgrades that you can use to decorate your urban home.

interior barn lighting mason jar chandelier


Turn your Backyard Barn into a Party Hall

     It cannot get more farmhouse than this. Uplift your barn into a place where you can host social events, parties, a thanksgiving dinner, or just a quite get together. Be careful so as to not compromise on the original composition of your barn, as that is where the farmhouse element lies. If you don’t have a barn, you can always construct a smaller version of one in your backyard. Sheds, Pergola's and Gazebo's all work great too!! Remember, decorating is Half the Fun. Then you can Enjoy!

interior barn room all decorated with lights


Blue & White Decorations

     Simply put, it does not get more rural than this. Make a room in your house have completely blue and white decor, for the best Farmhouse feels. The perfect room where you can achieve this look is your dining area. For the most niche look in your room, use a lot of blue and white décor. If you are converting your dining area, for example, try to have a clear shelf with multiple blue and white dishes, such as Porcelain, China, and lots of linen.  


To achieve the best farmhouse look for your urban home, it is always best to remember to keep it simple, woody, and crafty. Now get to work!! 😊

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