5 DIY Winter Wreaths
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5 DIY Winter Wreaths

Dec 28, 2021

1) Burlap- You can make a Beautiful Burlap Wreath with any color you choose. Popular options for Winter are White, Blue, Gold, Silver, Red & Green. You can also use pattens you love like Plaid, Stripes and Fun Christmas Character Designs. These DIY projects are Super Simple and Fun for the whole family. You and your kiddo’s can make a day of it!

Step one is to choose your base, for this project we suggest a wire wreath frame. It gives you easy connection options and the ability to create any pattern you wish. Once you have your base, pick out the burlap of your choice. We recommend spools of 4” wide burlap. This will give you plenty of fullness when it is finished. Begin by cutting the burlap into 12-14” sections. And scrunch each section in the middle (length wise) like you’re creating a bow. Then tie it to the frame with a Chenille Stem and leave the excess for use later adding accessories. Rotate your burlap on different levels of the frame to make it tight and full. Simply repeat this pattern all the way around the frame.

And before you know it BOOM You will have a Beautiful Full Burlap Wreath! Then you can add any of the wonderful accessories you want to complete the look. I have a full list of decorating options listed at the end of this blog. And if you are a visual person like me and want to see this process in action. Here is a link to a YouTube video I found that gives a full tutorial. It even teaches you how to make these really Pretty Bows in a Simple way! Check it out here 👉 https://bit.ly/3mp5B3c


2) Ornaments- This one is So Simple to make it will take no time! All you need is an old wire coat hanger and a bunch of ornament balls. First bend the wire open and into a complete circle. If your ornaments come with strings attached you will want to cut and remove them. And if the lids are loose, you can glue them on with a hot glue gun.

Ok, once you have your hanger made into a full circle, open it at the top & start threading the ornaments on it. Be sure to rotate your colors and shapes if using a variety of different ornaments. Feed your ornaments towards your hanger hook end and this will keep them from sliding off. The hook can be used to hang the wreath when complete. You will need to rotate the angles of the ornaments as you feed them on the hanger in a circular fashion.

You want them to go all the way around and fully cover up the wire hanger. Feeding them one by one until you have gone all the way around and all the way up the circle wire back to the hook. Then tie it together with some wire or bend the tail end of the hanger around the hook and your all set. You will have a Bountiful Wreath full of Bright Beautiful Ornaments and you will be ready to decorate it with ribbons, beads, lights and more. See below for a full list of items to decorate your finished wreath. And here is a link to a YouTube video with all the steps in action. 👉 https://bit.ly/3iyPSgZ


3) Broken Twigs- You can collect your supply in your back yard or on your next nature walk. Once you have a good number of sticks on hand. Decide on your desired shape. You can do a circle, a star, heart and more. The first step is to break your sticks into smaller twigs about 3-6” long. Then start laying them all out into your chosen pattern. You can use a hot glue gun to attach the twigs to one another one in the desired position.

If you don’t have one you can also use paddle wire. If you go this route, we recommend bundling a few twigs together and then attaching them intertwined or layered together with more wire. You can make your shape as bare or full as you wish. Plugging in twigs into the holes like a puzzle piece until you feel it is complete.

This is a quick & easy project! That won’t cost you anything. To provide you with a visual aide example here is a YouTube video making both Star & Circles wreaths out of twigs. She painted her’s white at the end and it turned out really Pretty & Rustic! Check it out here. 👉 https://bit.ly/2Yi42vF

4) Fresh Greenery- For this type of wreath you can use anything from trimmings from your Christmas tree, to pine needles from your back yard. You can choose two paths with this type of wreath; you can stick to one solid background material such as spruce. Or mix it up with bundles of your favorite natural elements combined. Either way, you will gather a handful of your material and fix it to your wreath using paddle wire.

We recommend a narrow 18” 2 level frame for this project. And 22-gauge paddle wire is strong and yet flexible giving you a sturdy hold. Start in the middle of your frame with a center bundle and wrap it tightly 2 or 3 times with the wire. Then place your next layer on top of the first at a slight rotation about 45 degrees inwards towards center of frame circle being sure to cover the wire of the first bundle. Next you will place your third bundle in the opposite direction about 45 degrees facing outwards from the center of the wreath circle.

And you will continue this process all the way around your wreath, being sure to layer each bundle on top of the previous one and always covering the wire. If you need a visual aid example, we have included a link to a YouTube video that goes through a full tutorial with a variety of natural materials including pine, spruce, magnolia, dried orange slice, pine cones and cinnamon stick bundles. You can view it here. 👉 https://bit.ly/3uJ0Q88

5) Grapevine- Wooden bases might be more your style. It definitely gives it a more Rustic Finish. You can either buy a pre-made grapevine base ring or build your own. There are a lot of videos on how to do this on YouTube so I won’t bore you with those details. But the best part about this type of wreath is that you already have the background done, now all you have to do is decorate it all pretty. This is where you put on your creative hat and get out the ribbon, beads, glue gun, all your trinkets and go to town! You can keep it simple with only putting one Big Bow on it or a Sign perhaps with your Family Name. Or you can go all the way around and fill it up, the choice is 100% yours. Here is an example to get your thought wheels turning…

Now that you have your background of your wreath complete using one of these fun DIY methods. Don’t forget to decorate it with some finishing accents. 

Popular wreath accessory options include: Pinecones, Leaves, Cotton Twigs, Christmas Characters (Santa, Reindeers, Snowman, Gingerbread Man), Cranberries, Cinnamon Sticks, Faux Fruit, Dried fruit, Acorns, Shapes (Hearts, Stars, Stockings), Words (Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho, Welcome) , Ornaments, Ribbons, Bows, Flowers, Snowflakes, Bells, Mistletoe, Scarfs, Initial Letters, Candy Canes, Candy, Beads, Popcorn on fish line, and more.

Addition Wreath bases can be made of…. Styrofoam, Hay, Braided Rope. Some of the most common color scheme for Holiday wreaths include red, green, white, gold, silver and blue. And you can also finish your wreath with paint, tree frosting, glitter, Christmas lights, signs and fuax candles. 
The opportunities are endless, so go outside, grab a handful of nature and let your imagination guide you!
We have many wreath accessories in stock! Just search "wreath" on our store and you can find the next item you need to polish off your DIY wreath project.
I hope you have fun & enjoy! I wish you Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!!! 
From my Family to Yours. ❤️
Emily Stricklin, (Owner, Creator & CEO)
Rustic Territory, LLC.


BTW if you want More Ideas of what to put on your front door or porch, check out this Farmhouse Resource!
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