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Jul 28, 2018

        Do you have a Mud room in your Country home? With very little effort you can set up your entry way for functional use. There are all kinds of items that will give your mud room, no matter how small... lots of storage space. Hooks, shelves, and cubbie holes are all easy things to plug in, that will help you benefit from better organization. This will go a long way, especially if you have a large family and a tiny mud room. By using hooks or even horns on the wall, you can capture and keep all the jackets, hats and keys with in an arms reach. Shelves let you stow additional items like bags, hats and more. Then with the addition of cubbie holes you can add those "grab on your way out the door while running late items." Maybe use it for the kids lunch pales, books, gloves, back packs, and even their favorite toy. Do not forget to add the all weather mat that will keep the outdoors... outdoors. You can keep the mess outside the door, then add an additional interior mat to help keep any moisture off the floor. 

        A bench is a vital piece to any great mud room, especially on inclement weather days. Your going to be rushed to get inside out of the harsh climate, so once your inside your cozy entry way, simply use the bench to take your seat while removing those muddy boots. They also make these rubber floor mats that have lifted edges designed for muddy or snow filled boots. These handy mats prevent any spillage on the inside floor, making for easy maintenance.  Once the boots have dried, you can remove them and go spray off the mat with the water hose, leaving the mess outside. These are also a great alternative to putting your shoes in drawers, which later requires cleaning and scrubbing. 

Boots under bench inside a neat rustic mud room

        The key to any great Mud Room is clutter free organization. By implementing all of the listed features above, you can have both function and also add some "fashion". Why should your entry way be boring and dated when it can be stylish and welcoming. Ship-Lap is a very popular material making a huge come back in American home decorating. It is a very durable wood, that can give your entry way a hard core back bone and face lift all in one. These days, the more dents and dings.. the more character an item has. Ship-lap can handle all of these and still shine with a fresh coat of paint. You can go light and bright with white, or add some dark tones to make things pop. The choice is yours. Here are a few examples of finished products. Now get busy and add your own special touches while creating a stunning but still very useful Mud Room. 

mud room with hooks and horns

 mud room hooks and horns with cowboy hat hanging upmud room dark stained ship lap wall with decorative deer horns and hooks

If you struggle with clutter, we recommend this Farmhouse Resource!

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    Jul 31, 2018 at 18:20

    That’s a great mudroom! I love the shiplap.


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