vintage style loft lights with edison bulbs
Rustic Home Decor

Brighten Up

by Emily Stricklin on Jun 17, 2018

Release your Inner Sun God. The use of Natural light to open up & brighten spaces. Even a small area can be given new life, a feel of expansion with a few windows. If adding windows is too large of a project for your own handy skills. You can always hire out, or go with plan "B." This would be the option of upgraded lighting. We have several options to allow you to Brighten up any space...

Our Loft Retro Lights are a unique way to step back in time. They automatically give your space a late nineteenth century era feel when you compliment them with Edison Bulbs. You can alternate between a short and long length cord size to give that natural thrown together look. This may sound unappealing but when done right, it can make your space feel even more inviting. Adding a natural element like wood can complete the Rustic Finish you are seeking. See example picture below.

Loft Retro Lights


Another suggestion is our Retro Pendant Lamp, it is known for being the finishing touch of any dining room or kitchen. With it's grand size and classic design, it is sure to complete any room. Give your guests the light they need to fill that dinner plate as they gaze upon that last piece of chicken. With it's Vintage Black Paint and Cast Iron Construction it is Guaranteed to last you many years to come. This Signature Lighting feature will provide your space with both function and Eloquent Style.

Retro Pendant Lamp


Using both windows and the perfect set of lighting choices is sure to open up any area. With your creativity and imagination you can open up a whole new world even in a tiny space. Let the Light be your Guide....

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