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Rustic Home Decor

Rustic Decorating

by Emily Stricklin on Jun 11, 2018

Are you constantly trying to figure out how to recreate the look in the magazines? Don't be intimidated by the way everything is set up so perfectly. Every Big Brand has Interior Decorators who stage and set all that up. With that being said, you can easily recreate these simply elegant atmospheres in your home too. 

First thing is first.. Start with the Basics. What are your Strengths? Because Home Decorating Strengths are like a muscle, the more your use them.. the more they grow & expand Into new Strengths. If your are naturally good at blending colors together to provide the perfect tone in a room. Start Small with throw pillows & lap blankets. These can be picked up pretty much anywhere. Once implemented they give an immediate inviting feel to any room. Mix and Match to your heart's content. You can Compliment it even further with a few Artificial plants of your choice. 

throw pillows and lap blankets on couch

There are many different Styles in Home Decor, with new ones being introduced daily. As you may know, we specialize in the Rustic Country Style. We are constantly doing Product research to find & offer the Best Unique Rustic Accessories for your Farmhouse or Barndominium. Follow us on our journey to bring you the very best and unique Rustic Home Decor Products.

This is our First Blog of many.. We will utilize this channel to allow you to get to know us and our goals of helping you find your perfect Style. Happy Shopping & Thank you for visiting Rustic Territory!!!




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  • Amy Sewell
    Jun 15, 2018 at 16:53

    Great tips!


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